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« Good or Bad? »

Here we go. The last show of the year for the Acting in English Advanced Group. Their last dance.

« Good or Bad? » retraces their paths along the year, unique, sometimes rocky, sometimes smooth, but always aiming at Inspiration.

From different authors, different points of view, but always bearing in mind : are we all becoming judgemental? And is human kind only, and only that? Have we all lost our open-minded curiosity?

Judgement is safe, judgement prevents us from being afraid, from suffering sometimes. Condemning, hiding, staying away, escaping, flying away, or, on the contrary, suffering « the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune » as Hamlet says, and taking all what is on our paths? What is good? What is bad? Do we only know it or where it comes from? Or are we just pretending to feel safer? Do we really know or aren’t we all lost?

Every character’s situation can always be watched on a chosen angle : Good or Bad?

They will let you…. judge, by yourselves.


Days : April the 24th, 25th, and 26th at 7 pm, Salle Huster, 40 rue mathis.


Isabelle Duperray

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